March 25, 2019

How Effective Is Hot Water Extraction Carpet Cleaning for a Southington Home?

Homeowners today might choose a hot water extraction carpet cleaning for a Southington home, versus a traditional shampoo or other such cleaning method. Hot water extraction offers many advantages over steam and other carpet cleaning methods and is an excellent choice for Southington area homes in particular.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning involves the injection of hot water and small amounts of detergent into carpet fibers. Water, detergent, and soil are then removed with the use of a powerful extractor or vacuum.

If you’re a homeowner or are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of a commercial building, you might note some vital information about your commercial and residential carpet cleaning options, including hot water extraction. Knowing your options for cleaning carpets ensures that you’ll make the right choice for keeping those floors clean and looking their best!

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What Are the Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods?

Steam cleaning uses only steam to loosen dirt and debris, allowing it to be extracted. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses a small amount of shampoo or detergent. Other than these two carpet cleaning methods, note the most popular options for cleaning carpets so you know why one might be preferred for your Southington home or office:

  • Carpet shampooing injects water mixed with detergent into carpets. A specialty brush might then push the cleanser into carpet fibers, and clean water is used to extract shampoo and dirt.
  • Dry cleaning carpets uses a specialty cleaning chemical applied with a small amount of water. The cleanser is allowed to sit and is then extracted, along with residual dirt and debris.
  • Foam encapsulation carpet cleaning uses a specialty foam that expands after application. As the foam expands, it brings dirt and debris to the surface of the carpet so it can be extracted.
  • Bonnet cleaning is a lightweight surface cleaning of the top layers of carpet fibers. A specialty tool covered in a type of towel pushes shampoo across the top of carpeting and the residual dirt and debris are then extracted.

Is Steam Cleaning the Same as Hot Water Extraction?

Some commercial or residential carpet cleaning companies in Southington might refer to hot water extraction and steam cleaning interchangeably, but this isn’t accurate as there is a difference between hot water and steam! Hot water extraction uses water set to a very high temperature and is better for carpets made of natural fibers, as steam cleaning can cause natural fibers to shrink.

On the other hand, steam cleaning carpet cleaning is preferred for synthetic fibers, as steam removes deep stains set into synthetic materials. While steam is good for carpets made from polyester, nylon, and other manmade materials, note that many residential carpets especially are made from natural fibers. To protect those carpets, consider hot water extraction carpet cleaning for a Southington area home.

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Is Hot Water Extraction the Best Professional Carpet Cleaning Method?

Steam cleaning carpet methods don’t involve the use of shampoo or detergent or other cleaning agents. Hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses a small amount of shampoo or detergent to penetrate carpet fibers, removing stains and discoloration.

The shampoo or detergent used with hot water extraction might offer a more thorough clean for especially filthy carpets, and for carpets suffering from pet stains and odors. As there is only a small amount of shampoo used and this detergent is then extracted during the cleaning process, hot water extraction won’t make rugs sticky or matted down with residual detergent, as does standard carpet shampooing.

Does Cleaning Your Carpets Ruin Them?

Cleaning carpets in a Southington home actually prolongs their life, but only if you invest in the services of a professional carpet cleaning contractor! Note some vital details about commercial and residential carpet cleaning in Southington so you know to call for professional carpet cleaning when needed:

  • Improper use of a carpet cleaning machine often results in matted fibers and threadbare rugs. However, a professional carpet cleaning company in Southington will have the skills and expertise needed to brush, scrub, or otherwise clean carpets without damage.
  • Carpets often get sticky and then extra dirty after shampooing due to improper or inefficient extraction techniques. The best carpet cleaning company in Southington will use sufficient water and proper extraction techniques to remove all traces of detergent and cleanser, leaving carpets spotlessly clean.
  • Ignoring dirt and other filth on carpets allows that residue to become even more ground-in over the years. Eventually carpets become so dirty that they cannot be cleaned and will then need replacing!
  • Carpet cleaning Southington rugs removes allergens, pet hair and dander, pollen, cigarette ash, and other irritants that might bother your sinuses and even your skin.
  • Carpets matted with dirt and debris are often flat underfoot. Removing all that bothersome debris makes carpets softer and more comfortable.
  • Professional carpet cleaning of a Southington home removes growing mold, mildew, and other contaminants from underneath carpet backing and along its underlying padding. The sooner and the more often these residues are removed, the less likely they are to spread and become a breathing hazard in your home!

Does Hot Water Extraction Have a Long Carpet Dry Time?

Having to avoid walking on damp carpets is bothersome for most people and inconvenient for families especially, as it’s difficult to keep children confined to one area of the home while waiting for carpets to dry! If you’re concerned about carpet dry time for a Southington area home, note that this time is affected by extraction methods used during the cleaning process more than the cleaning itself. The more water and moisture extracted after cleaning, the less carpet dry time required!

A professional carpet cleaning company in Southington might also use fans, heaters, dehumidifiers, and other equipment to remove excess moisture from carpets and the home itself, increasing carpet dry time and ensuring no moisture is trapped under carpet padding. Ask your carpet cleaning professional about their extraction methods for a hot water extraction carpet cleaning and note if you need carpets dry as quickly as possible.

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