January 8, 2021

6 Reasons for Professional Upholstery Cleaning Southington

Never put off professional upholstery cleaning for a Southington home or business! As with carpet shampooing, professional upholstery cleaning offers a deep clean you can’t achieve with an everyday vacuum cleaner.

Upholstery cleaning also does much more than removing some surface dirt and stains. If you’ve been putting off needed professional upholstery cleaning in Southington, check out 6 good reasons to call your local carpet and furniture cleaning contractor today!

1. Upholstery Cleaning in Southington Removes Ground-In Dirt!

upholstery cleaning Southington

Using a vacuum hose and fabric brush attachment does remove some dust and dirt from upholstered furniture, but homeowners are often surprised at how much dirt a professional cleaning removes! High-powered tools along with commercial-grade fabric cleaners mean a deeper clean, removing layers of dirt, dried dust, and other residues your vacuum simply can’t collect.

Professional upholstery cleaning also removes residues a vacuum can’t quite tackle, including pet and human hair as well as dirt below the surface of furniture fabric. Steam and professional-grade detergents loosen that dirt while high-powered equipment helps remove residues a vacuum simply can pull from thick furniture fabric.

2. Southington Upholstery Cleaning Removes Odors

pet odor and stain removal services Southington

If you’ve ever walked into your home or office and noticed an unpleasant, less-than-fresh odor, and especially musty or “dank” smells, it’s time for professional upholstery cleaning in Southington! Upholstery fabric fibers trap and lock odors; layers of dirt and grime also can result in oily or otherwise unpleasant smells.

Furniture can also reek of cigarette smoke, smells from pet stains or unwashed pets, and mildew developing along foam cushions and backing. Cooking smells including garlic and onions can also linger in furniture fabric long after you’ve cleaned the kitchen!

Even if you don’t necessarily notice these smells, keep in mind that a person can go “nose blind,” meaning they tune out smells around them. To ensure no one is put off by unpleasant smells in your home or business, schedule regular professional upholstery cleaning in Southington and especially if there are smokers or pets in the house, if you regularly cook pungent foods, or have furniture in a production facility that produces industrial odors.

3. Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Southington Kills Mold and Mildew

upholsery cleaning company southington ct

Not only does your household vacuum overlook layers of thick dirt and grime, it also can’t remove mold and mildew growing along foam inside furniture cushions or backing. Both mold and mildew are unhealthy for your respiratory system and can mean unpleasant, lingering odors.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Southington, using steam and deep cleansers, kills mold and mildew in your furniture, ensuring it’s safe and hygienic and smells its best. This cleaning is especially vital in areas with high humidity levels, as that trapped humidity can result in mold and mildew growth quickly and easily.

4. Southington Upholstery Cleaning Restores Fabric

sofa cleaning service southington ct

It’s not unusual for upholstered furniture to look worn and matted simply due to age and use. As you sit on and rest your arms on furniture pieces, you push down and flatten those fibers. Over time, you might even notice especially worn areas on the furniture seat, back, and arms.

Before you buy new furniture, try professional upholstery cleaning in Southington! Steam helps lift those fibers while removing layers of dirt, oil, and other grime, and also restores their nap and appearance.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Southington is especially helpful for thick or delicate fabrics that might not respond well to household vacuums and fabric brushes. A gentle yet effective clean will help “fluff up” fabrics and nap without damage! Your furniture will look better and even feel more comfortable the more you invest in regular upholstery cleaning.

5. Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Southington Removes Irritants

upholsery cleaning southington ct

Upholstery fabric is a haven for germs, bacteria, pollen, residual cigarette smoke, pet hair and dander, human hair and dead skin cells, air pollution residues, and other irritants. These irritants settle onto furniture and then get ground into the fabric over time, so that they come into contact with your skin.

These residues can also become airborne, so you breathe them in constantly. A homeowner might not even realize that their furniture is the cause of skin or sinus irritation or is causing allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other health concerns.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Southington removes these ground-in irritants far better than a standard vacuum cleaner, improving indoor air quality and offering a healthier home environment. Steam cleaning can also kill dust mites, bacteria, and germs. You and your family will breathe more easily when you invest in regular floor and upholstery cleaning.

6. Upholstery Cleaning Restores Fabric Colors

upholstery cleaning southington

If your home’s upholstered furniture seems a bit dull and drab, it might simply need a complete cleaning. Dirt, dust, skin oils, and other debris tend to fade or hide colors.

You might not even realize that a chair or sofa is stained or covered in oils and other residues until you have those pieces cleaned! Once you remove layers of dust and dirt or unsightly oil, furniture fabric colors will look bolder and brighter.

Regular, professional upholstery cleaning in Southington can make all your furniture pieces look new once again, restoring colors and removing dull dirt and dust. Since the cost of upholstery cleaning is far cheaper than the cost of new furniture, ensure you schedule your cleaning appointment before you decide to shop for new pieces!

How Often Should You Schedule Upholstery Cleaning in Southington?

Now that you know why you should schedule professional upholstery cleaning in Southington, you might be wondering how often you should call your local floor and furniture cleaning contractor! Most homeowners and business owners benefit from annual furniture and carpet cleaning in Southington, as this is often enough to keep furniture, carpeting, and area rugs clean and pristine and looking their best.

upholsery cleaning service southington ct

However, furniture in heavily-trafficked environments, such as the waiting room of a busy office or TV room of a large family, might need cleaning every six months! In homes with smokers or pets, it’s especially important to clean furniture more than once a year.

A homeowner or business owner should also schedule professional upholstery cleaning in Southington as needed for their furniture in particular. For example, if you love to entertain often or seem to be the home where all the neighborhood kids congregate, schedule upholstery cleaning every few months or as needed to keep those pieces looking their best.

This information is proudly presented to our readers by Southington Carpet Cleaners. If you’re in the market for the highest-rated, most thorough carpet and professional upholstery cleaning in Southington, give us a call! We offer a wide range of services sure to fit your home and budget.

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