February 1, 2020

What Is Upholstery Cleaning in Southington CT?

If you’ve never scheduled upholstery cleaning in Southington CT for your home or office, you might be surprised to find out why this service is so vital. Whether it’s carpets, bedding and linens, curtains, or upholstered furniture, all fabric needs to be cleaned regularly and especially the more it comes into contact with pets and humans.

Some homeowners put off upholstery cleaning in a Southington home simply because they don’t understand the process and its benefits. Homeowners might also assume that they can clean furniture fabric on their own, with a fabric brush attachment on their vacuum cleaner or a homemade cleaning solution.

Before you attempt to tackle sofa cleaning in a Southington home or any other fabric furniture cleaning, you might note some vital information about this process and why it’s best left to the pros. You might also consider a few tips on keeping furniture clean and for when it’s time to call for furniture, curtains, and rug cleaning in Southington.

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What Is Upholstery Cleaning in Southington CT?

Upholstery cleaning in Southington will vary depending on the furniture fabric itself as well as its levels of filth, if it needs spot cleaning and odor neutralizing, and of course a homeowner’s budget! Note the standard process of upholstery cleaning in Southington so you know what you might reasonably expect with sofa cleaning services near you:

  • Furniture and sofa cleaning services in a Southington home start with a full inspection of the furniture, to note wear and tear, signs of damage, stains, discoloration, and the like. A cleaning professional will also need to note the fabric type and levels of dirt as well.
  • Furniture cleaning services then include a full vacuuming, typically using a high-powered vacuum with specialty brushes including those that reach into the crevices between arms and along the backs of furniture. This cleaning equipment offers a thorough yet gentle clean, removing surface dirt, dust, lint, and other debris.
  • Spot pre-treatment is often applied after vacuuming, to help loosen dirt, food debris, oils, and other residues.
  • After vacuuming and spot treatment, furniture is conditioned with a specialty detergent or shampoo and then rinsed. The pieces are vacuumed once again, to extract remaining traces of rinse water.
  • In some cases, furniture cleaning involves only hot water extraction or steam cleaning and no shampoo. This is an excellent choice for homeowners sensitive to the chemicals in cleansers and for killing mold spores developing along furniture fabric.
  • Depending on the furniture, odor neutralizers are applied, to remove pet smells, food smells, the lingering smell of cigarette smoke, and other such odors. This step is vitally important for furniture ruined in a flood or other disaster, as musty smells often linger even after proper upholstery cleaning.

Note that professional upholstery cleaning in Southington includes cushions, the areas behind chairs and sofa, and even toss pillows in some cases! This thorough clean ensures no area is overlooked and that furniture is spotless and looking like new.

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When Do You Need Sofa Cleaning Services in Southington CT?

Your home’s couches and chairs don’t need to be coated with dust, dirt, and stains for them to need upholstery cleaning! Most homeowners would do well to schedule furniture cleaning every other year, at least, and more often if they smoke, have pets they allow on the furniture, or tend to sweat while sitting against the furniture, such as after a workout.

Lingering odors in the home also transfer to furniture, necessitating more frequent furniture cleaning. If you cook with onions and garlic, as an example, you might notice some pungent odors in your furniture. Working on cars or other such hobbies might mean odors from oils and other products that also transfer to the home and furniture.

It’s also good to think about upholstery cleaning in Southington if you’re thinking of putting your house on the market! Along with carpet cleaning in Southington, showing your home with fresh and clean furniture can make the entire house seem cleaner and more attractive, and more appealing to buyers.

Why Avoid DIY Upholstery Cleaning in Southington CT

While it’s vital that you clean spots and stains as soon as they appear on furniture, you want to avoid DIY upholstery cleaning in Southington CT as much as possible and especially with homemade or cheap, over-the-counter products. One reason for this is that it’s virtually impossible to duplicate the effectiveness of professional furniture cleaning with DIY methods!

Using a rug cleaner and other such equipment might also result in damaging delicate fabric or leaving behind too much rinse water, leading to the risk of mold and mildew. Harsh and heavy brushes and other tools might also create swirl marks or other damage to fabric.

Homeowners might also easily overlook areas of furniture that need cleaning or fail to note lingering odors and stains. In turn, you simply waste both time and money when you try DIY furniture cleaning, while professional cleaning ensures a thorough job and results that last.

How to Keep Furniture Clean Between Professional Visits

Keeping furniture clean is about more than just taking your shoes off at the door and not putting your feet on the couch! One way to keep furniture clean is to invest in a good air purifier and ensure you change the home’s furnace filter regularly, as these both trap and lock airborne dust and dirt that would otherwise wind up on the furniture.

Increasing fresh air circulation around the home also helps remove airborne dirt and dust. You might also brush and groom your pets regularly, so they leave less hair and dander on the furniture. Avoid sitting on upholstered furniture if you’re sweating, as this also transfers dead skin cells and body odor to the couch or chair.

It’s also good to perform some basic touchups between professional upholstery cleaning in Southington CT. Use a fabric brush attached to your vacuum cleaner hose and clean the furniture as often as you vacuum, and invest in a lint brush you can also use to remove surface dirt and debris. These simple steps will ensure your furniture remains clean for as long as possible.

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